Crossover Technologies :: No boundaries, just solutions  

Crossover Technologies has been set up by a group of professionals aiming to pool skills in graphic design, corporate communications and information technology to deliver high quality Web-based solutions.

We are a compact team that works intensively on projects and can generally turn around quality solutions in relatively short periods of time. We love challenges and are willing to take on novel projects, especially those that do not lend themselves to cookie cutter solutions.

We are strongly committed to our clients. We strive to create refined solutions and we follow up to ensure our systems are delivering as expected.


Ravi Pai-Panandiker
Ravi is Crossover's lead Technical Designer. Previously he consulted with the Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program (PENNTAP). He programs in multiple languages and has expertise in usability. He holds a degree in Information Sciences and Technology from Penn State University.


Mayank Bhatnagar
Mayank is lead Visual Designer at Crossover. He has over 10 years experience in corporate communications and graphic design. His portfolio includes work in various media for corporations such as Pepsi, McDonalds, Samsung and Nestle. He holds a degree in graphic design.


Suresh Sharma
Suresh is an IT industry veteran of over 20 years. He is a serial entrepreneur and has managed worldwide IT operations. He has experience in multiple platforms and technologies.


Chiara Nath
Chiara brings skills in graphic design and multimedia to Crossover. She has extensive experience in electronic media including Flash animation. She holds a degree in graphic design from the Rhode Island School of Design.